Saturday, January 10, 2015

Top Five Free, Travel-Easy, Pack-Friendly Beauty Secrets for Women of a Certain Age

Obligatory weird and kinda gross picture for this kind of post. But in fact, these are actual eggs inside an actual chicken. Rustavi, Georgia.

Yes, you heard right.

Five weird tricks that plastic surgeons don't want you to know about!


They take up no space in your luggage!

No messy liquids to measure and carry in four-ounce containers loaded into a ziploc bag!

1. Close your mouth

When we get to a certain age, I've noticed that many of us have a tendency to let our mouths hang open a bit. Don't believe me? Start looking for it. It adds 10 years to our looks. Easy fix. Close your mouth. Get your nearest-and-dearest to tell you when you forget. They'll love to oblige.

2. Smile

I've seen miraculous transformations when a woman of a certain age smiles. Years drop off in a nano-second. Works with an open- or closed-mouth smile. Being a rather serious sort myself, I try to remember this tip, otherwise I can look very stern (which could also explain this).

3. Avoid locking your upper and lower molars together. 

This creates a severe look. When your mouth is closed, let your jaw relax away from your upper teeth. Look in a mirror at the difference between the two positions.

4. Look alert.

Look like you've got your wits about you. Make direct eye contact with people you're talking to. Look with purpose at things around you.  

5. Put your shoulders back and stand up straight. 

Just like your mom told you.

6. A lagniappe: Borrow some bad-girl attitude:

Numbers 4 and 5 have the side benefit of making you look less of a target when you're traveling.

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