Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rootless Relocation: Where I'm Going Next

Back here, I noted that my original plan was to relocate to Mexico, but then changed my mind after working the numbers. Gosh, that was only two months ago! Seems like forever.

So where am I going?

My criteria
  • Reasonable access to family and friends
  • Cultural layers
  • Music 
  • Mild winters
  • Beauty
  • Sense of place
  • Affordable cost of living

And you know what's funny, it turned out I had already auditioned my new place here and here without really knowing it. Which is exactly what I had done with New Mexico a few years ago. 

My choices boiled down to
  • Mississippi Delta; or 
  • Louisiana cajun country

Speaking of boiling:

Bring on the crawfish!

I chose Louisiana! And not only Louisiana - the center of the Cajun universe, Lafayette!

Where New Mexico's official question is "Red or green"? Lafayette's unofficial question is: "What are you doing Friday night"?


Bayou Segnette State Park cabin, pre-Katrina, Louisiana

Where the Lafayette Library has story hour in French once a month.

Lake Martin, Louisiana

As much as I will miss New Mexico, I am so excited about a year in Louisiana! 

Breaux Bridge, Louisiana



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