Monday, September 30, 2013

New Mexico: The Sonic Boom Count

Being based in Alamogordo for my year in New Mexico, I heard a number of sonic booms.

Some were more exciting than others, the exciting ones making me jump and exclaim, "Holy shit!"

In all, I heard 46 sonic booms between September 25, 2012, and September 29, 2013, my last day in New Mexico.

The booms tended to come in spurts, thus I might hear a few one day and then none for several weeks. Then maybe one boom on one day and another on the following day.

Here is a re-post of what I wrote in October 2012:


It startled the heck out of me, and then I remembered where I was, Alamogordo, which is only 10 miles from the Holloman Air Force Base and the White Sands Missile Range (Army). Right. Sonic boom. Cool.


And a few moments later, again.

A video on sonic booms:  

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