Friday, September 13, 2013

Las Vegas, New Mexico: Longmire Backfire

Longmire. Credit: IMDB

I visited Las Vegas, New Mexico, a few weeks ago. Learned that a TV show was being filmed there, which I'd never seen.


When I returned home, I pulled it up on Netflix.

Holy mother of God, it's a bad show.

You've got a sheriff who carries no cell phone (and evidently not even a police radio in his truck?!) Yes, I get that the writers need for their injured lone wolf to be defiantly retro, but Jesus, it's just irresponsible not to have any means of communication between himself and his posse. He doesn't have to have a smart phone. Hell, a CB radio, at least.

Said sheriff also queries a so-called friend of something like 30 years if he's involved in prostitution or kidnapping - based on the comment of a stranger?

Aforementioned sheriff doesn't even know there's another Indian working at the place where his long-time friend works (who, because he is Indian, is presumed to be the Indian alluded to by the previously-mentioned stranger).

Not to mention the RV bordello that everyone in town seems to know about except for law enforcement....

Longmire should lose in the upcoming elections for sheriff. But then I guess there'd be no show. 

Beautiful scenery, though.

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