Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rootless Relocation: Departure Day Minus Two


  1. I am relieved - sold both of my beds just this morning! And just as importantly, they have been picked up. 
  2. Did laundry. 
  3. Put on the khaki trousers that I'll toss at the end of the day Friday. 
  4. Counted the eggs in the refrigerator and saw that I have precisely the quantity I need between now and my departure on Friday. 
  5. Combined my hand-wash laundry soap and my machine-wash laundry soap into one container. I'd hoped I would be emptying the contents of the larger bottle into the smaller bottle, instead of the reverse, but no.
  6. I think by the end of the day, I'll be able to empty the contents of my refill-size bottle of liquid hand soap into the smaller hand-soap dispenser. 
  7. Put items for donation into my car so I can deliver same tomorrow. 


I'm liking the return to empty space in my apartment. Feeling it's the right decision that, next time, no "real" beds. (Wouldn't it be funny if I found a furnished place in Louisiana? I could live with that.)

Whenever I think about the perfect space for me, I think about the large square room in the Hotel Taitu in Addis Ababa. An Italian teacher lived in this room. There was no bathroom in his room, but there was a sink with running water. There was also a large wooden balcony, covered, where he had a big table with chairs. From the balcony, he overlooked the little cafe beneath mature trees, behind the hotel. High ceilings. Every day, he was able to descend a grand, wide, dark wood staircase to the elegant, albeit a little tired, lobby.

It turns out I still have my poster from the Yukon, a relic of the road trip my daughter and I took to Alaska one summer. Only now it is in a different frame; I removed it from the orange frame that had lost its glass, and discarded the frame. So where I arrived in New Mexico with three frames, I leave only with one, having sold the first some months ago.

Will everything fit in the car?

It's still a mystery.

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