Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Mexico: Insect Life

This morning, I was startled to see a medium-large roach on the kitchen floor, on its back, apparently dead.

After gazing upon its inert body for awhile, feeling relieved that it was dead, I got around to wondering how it got onto its back and how it became dead.

Which made me wonder if there was an even larger insect in my apartment that killed this fairly-large roach. This is unsettling.

Spring is here in New Mexico. I'm not sure what all to expect in the way of insects. For example, when will the tarantulas come out?

The little red ants are back in business on my front walk.


J A said...

We're enjoying your blog (from Albuq.) The tarantulas are wonderful, hope you agree. I'd refer you to the xclt Arthropod Museum at NMSU (Las Cruces) for entomology interests, or their website.
Not sure where you started or where you're headed but Central -Northern NM and the 4corners area is worth some time. Any questions or assist, feel free to ask. Enjoy NM Spring.

Mzuri said...

Joshua - thank you! Yes, I have a horror-film fascination with tarantulas, which is to say, I like to watch them from a safe distance, with my face in a grimace, but transfixed.

Am in NM through September 2013, and as I'm only an hour from Las Cruces, I will definitely go to the arthropod museum - which I knew nothing about til you mentioned it - so I can spend a really long time being horrified and fascinated simultaneously. Thank you for the suggestion - I welcome this and any other recommendations for what to check out in NM.

I've got a weekend in April blocked out to go up to the Shiprock/Farmington area. Can't wait.

Mzuri said...

Amendment - When I saw arthropod, I still had tarantulas on my mind, but now that I've gone and looked up the museum and refreshed my understanding of arthropods (versus arachnids, a la spiders, ticks, and mites).... I look forward to seeing some really beautiful creatures.

J A said...

I'm clumsy yet with Google so I will drop this info here. 2 places, not typically found in guide books, but great to know about even if unable to visit:

Lightning Field - Walter De Maria (Dia Foundation)
Star Axis - Charles Ross (

Christ in the Desert, near Abiquiu (religion not required)

Also, beautifully written, short essays on experiences with (above) & other one-of-a-kind places in NM:
The Lightning Field - Travels In and Around New Mexico, by Robert Eaton '95

Highly recommend: NM Wilderness Areas (I'd keep it even if I never returned)

Check out Artists of NM book(s). Surprising who lives/lived here. I dont know why.

Feel free to email with ?s.
Don't spook the rattle snakes and enjoy yourself.