Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cloudcroft, New Mexico: A View of White Sands

Cloudcroft, New Mexico, is a village in the Sacramento Mountains, surrounded by the Lincoln National Forest, on Highway 82.  (The old commercial road is on Burro Road, off of 82.)

There are plentiful forest trails nearby, some walking distance from the village. Below is a photo of White Sands - 40 miles away - from one of the trails.

It was a gorgeous spring day yesterday, and two acquaintances and I met for coffee in the village, took a walk, and then had lunch. The road and the village were alive with like-minded folks, including a large contingent of motorcyclists, all out to get the warm sun on skin.


Mad1 said...

Nice picture but your geography is a bit off, The Franklin Mtns overlook El Paso, Cloudcroft is in the Southern Sacramento Mtns.

Mzuri said...

Doh! Thanks for the correction! I am so lucky to be in a place with a bounty of mountains - Sacramento, Franklin, San Andres, Organ - I lose track at times.