Friday, March 22, 2013

China: White Wine

Sound of car coming to a screeching halt. China????

Yes, this is way off my blog topic - at least for now - considering I've never been to China and am not contemplating a trip to China in the near future.

Credit: Vinn Distillery

But with my online EFL job, I have some Chinese students. Awhile back, one of them mentioned enjoying some white wine. I asked which white wine he favors, and he noted it was Chinese wine. I was unfamiliar with Chinese wine, and made a mental note to study up on it later. Then another student mentioned white wine, and while we chatted, I did some simultaneous online research and discovered a fun fact.

Chinese "white wine" - also known as the "white devil" - isn't wine at all. It's baijiu, a very, very, very strong distilled liquor made from sorghum, rice, or another grain. Contains between 40-60% alcohol.

Many Chinese consider baijiu to be the national drink.

Prompts fond memories of Georgian chacha.

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