Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tbilisi: The WC Down Under

Tbilisi - Station Square - Down to the WC

I went to Tbilisi today for a hangout at Prospero's, the expat bookstore and cafe.

Hoo-wee! I had to go to the bathroom super bad by the time the marshrutka got to Station Square (aka Vagswal) metro station. I knew there was a WC there, down under, presumably one of those squalid toilet places you don't want to use except in desperate circumstances.

It was that kind of situation, so I went down into the deep.

Tbilisi - Under Station Square

And I found a bustling underground shopping mall that carried some pretty nice merchandise!

Tbilisi - Under Station Square

And though the WC was of the Turkish toilet variety and it cost 20 tetri or so to use one, it wasn't in bad shape.

If I have to go again, I'll go again. 


Unknown said...

If this ever happens again, there is a much nicer, Western toilet inside the train station, on the bottom floor, across and a little ways back from the Goodwill. I always feel my 50 tetri have been worth it, even if I begrudge Georgia for making me pay to use the toilet.

Mzuri said...

I'm embarrassed to say I haven't been to the train station yet! Can you believe it?!

Damn, aren't you cold in that red profile-pic dress?