Thursday, February 2, 2012

Portable Product Review: Convertible Gloves

While on vacation in Missouri, I bought these convertible gloves to bring back for protection from the Georgian winter cold:

I bought them for warmth and for accessible dexterity.

Now that I've used them several times, here's the review:

The gloves are warm and the sleeves are long enough to cover any gaps between sleeves and hands. The suede palm pad is great for gripping items and a vehicle's steering wheel. Their convertibility from mittens to fingerless gloves is a benefit when I need to root around in my bag for something, put on glasses, and with some difficulty, text or phone. 

Unfortunately, the disadvantages of these gloves outweigh the advantages. I've got rather large hands, but still, these gloves feel too big. The mitten part of the glove pulls away from my fingers too easily, exposing them to the cold air. The velcro attachment that keeps the mitten flap out of the way when you're using your fingers - it's in the precise spot to scrape your skin when you scratch your nose. Ouch. And the velcro attachment between the two parts (mitten flap and the back of the glove) isn't very strong, so the two come apart prettily easily. There's already a hole in one glove's sleeve. 

The thumb flap gets in the line of vision when I'm trying to push phone buttons. Super annoying.  

The overall concept is good; I'd just go with a different brand. 


Anonymous said...

I don't know my mitten brand, but they are great. terry

Mzuri said...

Now *there's* a review! Love it.

I'm hoping my next location is going to be a place that has no need for mittens or gloves or long underwear or hats (except to look pretty).

Anonymous said...

I hope so too.