Sunday, February 5, 2012

Letters From Matt #1, Tulum, Mexico: What's Going On?

Letters From Matt are letters from my brother, Matt, from various of his domestic and international travels. The letters span decades, and I share them on Living Rootless at intervals, in no particular order.

18 July 2003. Tulum, Mexico.

Dear Mzuri,

Just checking in. It's hard to spend much time on the computer now. I think I might be having an impending diarrhea event. You know the feeling. Otherwise life is great in Tulum.

I'm surprised I haven't heard from Mom or Sister 2. I was hoping to respond to their emails. As I said, it is easy for me to push the reply on my screen as I can't carry a sweaty piece of paper in my pocket [with their email addresses on it] if I'm hitchhiking six kilometers to town and sitting in a hot cafe with diarrhea and look up their address.

I also am worried that although I replied to Sister 2 with a question about how Maya is doing, I have not received a reply. This makes me imagine she is dead and therefore Sister 2 has decided not to reply so my trip is ruined with bad news. I would rather know than to imagine the worst, so please ask her to reply. Of course, now I know she will just tell me what I want to hear even though my dog has been kidnapped for dissection in a biology experiment or sacrificed in a satanic ritual.

Give everyone my love. TELL ME IF MAYA IS OK.

Oh, and if anyone visits my house, please take in the mail as I forgot to stop my mail before I left. Mzuri, I see you went to Mokabe's, but did you stop at my house? If so, did it burn down or been taken over by drug dealers?

Ok. I think I have to finally go to the bathroom.


Maya, RIP 2011

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