Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rustavi: To Market

Rustavi: Pigs at market

 Today, Sandy and I went to Old Rustavi's market. I bought:
  • Carrots for a delicious vegetable soup Nely and Ketino would make later today (1.5 lari)
  • Pink plastic shoes for the bath (4.5 lari)
  • Toilet paper (to replace the roll I accidentally dropped into the toilet yesterday) (30 tetri)

Sandy bought some sole inserts for her boots, some spinach, dried persimmons, and a long lighter for the stove at her host family's house.

Those pigs at the top of  this post. Every time I see this picture, I wonder: What kinds of pigs were these? As in, their personalities. They look like maybe they were mischievous, fun-loving. I hope they had a good life before they died. 

It was slushy and cold outside. 

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