Monday, November 28, 2011

Rain Poncho and Convertible Gloves

Back in July, I made the decision to wear my big ol' clunky workboots (waterproof) on the plane from Missouri to Tbilisi.

I did this based on reports from strangers that Georgia gets really wet and muddy in the winter. On top of that were reports of uneven surfaces in the country, regardless of whether or not you were in a city or in the country. All true. The boots have been perfect for climbing up to and down from scenic ruins and for sloshing through flooded streets of Rustavi.

I'm adding to that list of necessities a good, packable rain poncho; something I can fit over my backpack.

Rain poncho. Credit: Amazon

And convertible gloves that allow me to use them outdoors and indoors.

Alki'i  Wool Thermal Insulation Fingerless Texting Work Gloves. Credit: Amazon


I'm having a merry shopping Christmas.

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