Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ethiopia: English Alive Academy

Practicing the "th" sound

Stephanie and Dawit have shared very exciting news - the English Alive Academy is receiving a grant to buy land on which to build a school! 

This is tremendous. They can now build a facility that is purpose-built for a school.

Of course, to actually build the school, they need "bricks." So they will soon launch a buy-a-brick campaign. If you don't want to wait til then, you can donate here.

I've talked about the English Alive Academy before. This is where I volunteer-taught for a couple of weeks in February-March 2011. I was (and continue to be) in awe that Stephanie and Dawit have been able to sustain the operation of a school for almost 200 kids, 20 Ethiopian staff (in a country with rampant unemployment), and the rearing of two young'ns of their own, largely out of their own pockets.

For nail-biting adventures of the school, read the blog here.

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