Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Georgia: Cold

Last week, the school fired up the radiators in the classrooms. But it's still cold. We wear our coats and hats in class. The other day I spent an hour or so in the school library, which was so cold, I also wore my gloves.

At home, there is heat. Often, the kitchen is cozy. It is warmed by the gas flame on one of the stove's burners.

But outside the kitchen, it's still cold. When I go to bed, I put on a hat. I have two duvets plus a blanket. I wear layers and socks. I've also adopted the custom of filling a plastic bottle with hot water and bringing it to bed with me. With all of this, I do sleep warmly.

I am very fortunate in my home: I can take a hot shower and luxuriate in the heat for awhile. I've also got a small heater-fan that I can plug in when I'm working in my room. I have a bathroom down the hall and not outside the house, through the snow, and to the privy. Despite these amenities, I am cold much of the time.

Feeling cold has become a psychological state of being that is out of proportion, sometimes, with the actual temperature in a room. My muscles feel tense because of this cold.

I crave warmth.


Cat said...

I'll be sure to crank the heat up in the van when I pick you up from the airport!

Mzuri said...

That will be fantastic.