Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On Waiting

I've been pondering Waiting.

When I looked out on the web, I saw a lot on waiting in line, waiting for the start of a vacation, waiting for test results, or waiting in regard to a terminal illness.

I touched close to waiting with my article about being on the beach, but it didn't quite hit the spot.

Finally, today, I googled on the art of waiting. And was rewarded.

On waiting:

Stoking Your Creative Fire: Learn the Art of Active Waiting:  "... a quality of alert expectancy for the arrival of something that’s completely beyond a person’s ability to control. It will just happen when it happens, and show up when it shows up."

The Art of Waiting: "A kind of photoblog, but without the photos, at least for now. Wait with us."

African Time: The Art of Waiting: An excerpt from this beautiful piece:

Credit: ... Fragrance of Shooting Stars
"... Next you go off to the police commissariat on the other side of town, have a lovely chat to the the four (female) police officials clustered around a small table in a tiny hot room, exchange a few pleasantries about your travels, your family, compare ages of number of
grandchildren, wait for them to each in turn go through the process of washing – feet - three times, hands - three times, face - once, ears – once, and then kneeling down and praying on the grass mat rolled out at your feet, and then start the laborious process of filling out their forms – one per person in the group – with all the information they need to confirm and authorise your permanent residency in their country. Name, date of birth, residential address ..., nationality, passport number, date of issue, date of expiry, names of parents ... You would think we would just have the list handy with parents' names already written out. The list exists. But invariably, when the question comes up, that list happens to be with another member of the group who is busy on the other side of town waiting on the pavement outside another government building to be let in to sit on a bench against another wall to reach the front of another queue to get to hand in another set of papers for another form we need in this process of obtaining visas to get to the countries we hope to be heading to.)..."

I have my Plan A and my Plan B for my first EFL job. And I stay alert for other possibilities that I can act on. But in this moment, I am in suspense, in a place where Plan A has not been ruled in, nor been ruled out.

I wait.

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