Saturday, June 25, 2011

Georgia (Republic of): Learning About It

I'm leaving for Georgia (Republic of) around July 15.

Credit: Nations Online

Part of my preparation is reading up on the country.

Credit: Eurodialogue
 Introduction to Georgia:

Georgia in the Warm Heart of the Caucasus, by Duncan Williamson at Escape Artist

Georgian Times, a Georgian e-zine (thanks for the lead, Terry!)

Behind the Silk Curtain, by Hajo at British Expat 

Tbilisi Travel Guide on WikiTravel; has links to some other Georgian cities, also

Big Love: Why Americans Swoon for the Former Soviet Republic of Georgia, by Ilan Greenburg at Slate

10 Reasons to Keep Georgia on Your Travel List, by Audrey Scott at Matador Network

Georgia by Lonely Planet

Georgia travel articles from New York Times

CIA Factbook on Georgia (I can neither confirm nor deny, so don't ask.)

Credit: About Georgia

On language:

Credit: Amazon

Beginner's Georgian, by Dodona Kiziria. Georgia has its own alphabet. Yikes.

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