Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stuff Release Continues

Recently released:
  • Two jackets (blazers) that I've held on to forever because they're "good." Never mind that they never quite hung right. Donated them.
  • Three silver bracelets. I liked them, but rarely wore them. Gave to good friend. Gives her pleasure to wear them; will give me pleasure to see her enjoy them.
  • Several books.

Last night, I realized I had become lax about releasing some other odds and ends. Need to get on those. And find homes for the last of my framed work.

Also need to look at my dwindled store of shoes and release more of them.

Last weekend, I went to a family pig roast. I felt very happy that I'd kept my camping gear, into which category I include my two canvas folding chairs.  A small thing, but it pleased me to take those chairs along to the gathering. To still have them. 

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