Monday, June 6, 2011

Everything Except the Horn

Credit: Tamin-Lee at Everything Except the Horn

I was excited to come across Tamin-Lee Connolly's site, Everything Except the Horn.

Beginning in July, Tamin-Lee will travel for one year around Africa in a collaborative project with One Laptop Per Child.

As a teacher, she'll visit schools ... and hey, what better meet-up than between Everything Except the Horn and the English Alive Academy?

I sent an enthusiastic email to Tamin-Lee about her journey and about the English Alive Academy. Tamin-Lee responded quickly with a gracious intent to check in with Stephanie at the school.

One of the kids at English Alive Academy

I've popped Tamin-Lee's into my blogroll over on the left sidebar. If you'd like to contribute to Tamin-Lee's great adventure, she'd love it!

Tamin-Lee's mission:

My mission is to circumnavigate Africa in one year, covering a crazy distance of about 50,000km and exploring 39 amazing countries that Big Mama Africa has to offer. But that’s not all, I plan on visiting war torn countries and hope to understand and experience the different African cultures along my journies.

But my goal? Well, being a teacher, my dream is to help improve education in developing countries where I can. I will achieve this by volunteering with “One Laptop Per Child” organization (OLPC), a private initiative in conjunction with sponsorships and donations privately organized for my wild expedition.

At the end of the day…. I just want to go out there, see as much as I can, help as much as I can, meet as many as I can, and the bottom line…have fun! I’ve got one year to live out my dream and I’m going to make the most of it, nothing is going to stop me…”one funky chic, one maxed out land cruiser, 12 months, 39 countries, 5000 laptops, and the experience of a lifetime.”

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