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Truth or Consequences: Soak, Snack, Nap. Repeat.

Rio Grande

[2010 Out West Road Trip.  Travels with Carol.]

In March 2010, my mother, Carol, and I took a road trip from Missouri to New Mexico, in search of sun and warmth. Here is Day 12 of our road trip. 

Sunday, 14 march 10 

The word for today is ...... ahhhhhhhh. The instructions for the day, as delivered by our hotelier are: "Soak, snack, nap. Repeat." 
We are in Truth or Consequences (hereafter referred to as T and C) at the Riverbend Hot Springs Lodge.  Look at the photos on the Riverbend home page. We soaked in warm mineral springs water alongside the Rio Grande River. We intend to do this for the next couple of days.

We got here from Silver City via Highway 152, which took us through a section of the Gila National Forest. Many switchback roads. Two wilder-pee stops behind bushes, one of which included an encounter with a dead white dog, disintegrating slowly into the earth, with bared teeth prominent. Quite a bit of snow alongside the road. Some beautiful scenery, especially Emory Pass.
Highway 152 near Emory Pass
Carol popped for a private soak this afternoon (once we checked into our T and C digs), then I soaked again in the public pools this evening while the sun went down. From the warmth of the pool, I watched a heron dine on the river. We have a two-bedroom accommodation, which takes up approx. half of a converted mobile home. 
Turtleback Mountain across the Rio Grande
The accommodations take me back thru many almost forgotten years to a place called Admiral King Drive in Pascagoula, Mississippi when I was a mere sprite of fifteen years.  I kept asking Mzuri why there was no smell of sulphur coming from the rejuvenating baths as there was in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and Mount Clemons, Michigan, not to mention Okawville, Illinois, when it finally occurred to me they were called mineral water and the only way the waters differentiated from what we might drink is the very hot temperature.  The Rio Grande is wide and swift - lovely actually and not at all like the rocky thin trickle I had expected.  The baths are as Mzuri wrote - public and disconcerting to consider sliding in to join a group splashing around.  While I consider myself democratic as the Saint, said "not just yet".  Until I become acclimated I will spend a few dollars and use the private ones.


I am still very envious of your adventures. Enjoying the comments from family members, printing up most for Pop to enjoy. As far as the Walmart connection is concerned, probably keeps one from getting homesick. It's like Motel 6, they always keep the light on. Will you be home in time for Phil and Mindy's wedding on April 30th? or have you both decided not to come back at all. If so, I have first dibs on Carol's house. I promise I will take good care of it and she can visit anytime she wants.

We're glad you're enjoying the trip reports.
For the first time on our trip, we're experiencing non-sunny, cold weather. Ooooh, it is cold, cloudy, and blustery out! Snow clouds hovering over the nearby mountains. Currently, Carol and I are wickedly ensconced in our beds, staying snugly warm, with our respective TVs turned on. We're looking out the windows, glad we're inside. Brrrr. 
Nevertheless, later I'll take a dip in the hot springs. It will be like heaven ... until I get out.

Well, finally hearing from Stormy...wish you were here to enjoy the baths.  Even tho I am having a fine time I still have had time to gobble up a few books.  Yesterday Mzuri and I went grocery shopping which we do independently of each other.  She, like Shilo Girl, you, and Sissy, keep an eye on me when it comes to my sugar mania.  I sneaked a Pepperidge Farm German Chocolate Cake and a Mrs.Somebody Peach Pie into my cart and was punished when getting back "home" to find it was frozen and had to be baked.  The cake is delicious however and I am doing enough walking to keep the glucose level down (I think).

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