Monday, May 16, 2011

Big Things Happening at English Alive Academy

From Stephanie at the English Alive Academy ... 
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Big things are happening at the English Alive Academy:

  • Campaign for 200 student sponsorships by July 1
  • English Alive now a registered British charity
  • A new website
200 student sponsorships by July 1
Did you know we have 200 students at the English Alive Academy!? And that, through the school, we employ 20 people in a country with an appallingly high unemployment rate?

We want to find sponsors for every single child by July 1. Are we crazy?! Maybe! But people thought we were crazy to open the school in the first place - and here we are, still going after five years! With 200 students!

As you know, all of the financial support for the students, the teachers, the staff and the school come from private donors and from me and Dawit. 

Dawit and I kept the school afloat for five years by donating half of my earnings to the school. But I don't have my teaching job anymore.  We need you.

A one-year student sponsorship costs:

  • 140 pounds; or
  • 230 U.S. dollars; or
  • 152 euros
Dawit and I ask you to help:

  • Donate a one year sponsorship - or give whatever you can afford, and we will apply it toward a sponsorship; and
  • Share this email with your family, friends, and co-workers, and invite them to change children's lives with you.

Please click HERE to make a donation to us through The Big Give, a safe and secure website.  You make payment in pounds.

The student sponsorship covers it all: School and office supplies, uniforms, textbooks and other teaching materials, school bus maintenance, petrol for the bus, emergency and reserve funds, water, electricity, school building rent, cleaning, employee wages, taxes, and a building fund.    

 As of today, we have six student sponsorships --- 194 to go by July 1!

Dawit and I will keep you updated on the progress of this critical campaign.

English Alive Academy is now a registered British charity! 
It required lots of paperwork and patience and help from kind volunteers and it paid off - we're now officially a British charity. This means donors can take a gift deduction on their taxes and we can take a seat at the table of good organizations such as The Big Give, a reliable gateway for charitable donations.

A new website
We loved so many things about our old website, especially the warm look and feel created by our volunteer webmistress Johana.

We also love our new website, which continues to grow and develop, and we hope you like it, too. Please check it out by clicking HERE. No worries -- it's at the same address as our old one at  We thank Gerry for his creative talents in building our new site. 

So help us sing! 
Please donate a student sponsorship today! And share this with your friends, family,and co-workers!


Thank you so much for all that you have done for us already!

Stephanie and Dawit

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