Friday, May 20, 2011

Truth or Consequences: More Craven Loitering

[2010 Out West Road Trip.  Travels with Carol.]

In March 2010, my mother, Carol, and I took a road trip from Missouri to New Mexico, in search of sun and warmth. Here is Day 13 of our road trip. 

Monday, 15 march 2010 


Today went pretty much as planned: We did a whole lot of nuthin'.
The morning broke cold and blustery, with swollen, snowy clouds over the nearby mountains. The idea of being in the hot springs was delicious; the thought of having to get out of said hot water and into the cold air was too much to bear. So Carol and I spent most of the morning under warm covers, drinking hot coffee, and simply lazing about and feeling good about it. 
The sun did eventually come out. We emerged for lunch, then poked around town a bit, checking out the local museum and the used book store. Returned "home" for more hard-earned relaxation.  

I took a walk around town, listening to Spirit of the Forest and other Baka Beyond songs on my mp3 player. It almost makes you want to dance down the street.

The above video isn't Spirit of the Forest (you can listen to that here), but it gives an idea of Baka Beyond's vibe.

Around 6:00 p.m., Carol and I went for a private soak. It really is something special to "take in" the waters right alongside the Rio Grande. You see ducks floating -- rapidly -- downstream, as if on a conveyor belt. I think of the proverb, "you can never step in the same river twice."  We can see Turtleback Mountain from our private pool.


After we left the Happy Belly Deli where we lunched (especially good food - Mzuri had found rave reviews on it from the laptop) we checked out the Geronimo Springs Museum, also especially good - exhibits of artifacts and history from prehistoric times to the 1800s.  Then we checked out a book store where I once more added to my stash, as did Mzuri.  Still not sated with shopping, we went to a store called Second Hand Rose and we both bought silky looking East Indian caftan tops.

Today's activity equal about a month's normal adventure for me.  By the way, the restaurant really was called The Happy Belly Deli.

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