Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Haven

Downtown, New Haven, Missouri

 New Haven, Missouri, is a river town on the Missouri River.

New Haven, Missouri
On pretty Highway 100, it lies between Washington and Hermann. Robbler Vineyard Winery is nearby. So is Bommarito Winery.

I drove there the other day to see what was what. Coming and going, I saw immense houses on huge expanses of lawn, but there's a food pantry in the tiny downtown, so I know not everyone is wealthy in New Haven.

New Haven, Missouri
I discovered a wide and deep settlement of historic and tract houses in the section between Highway 100 and the river. If you just drove past on Highway 100, you'd never know New Haven was more than a short and narrow line of strip mall stores. And you'd never guess how close the river ran by. 

Credit: Sierra Potomac

It seemed fitting that as I tooled through town, admiring the spring beauties that blanketed many lawns, I heard June Carter Cash sing Wildwood Flower on my mp3 player:

Down by the river, there's a wide, paved sidewalk atop the levee with old-fashioned street lights and benches dotting the path. A train pounds past the downtown regularly.

New Haven, Missouri

Somebody's, a restaurant/bar downtown, serves up some killer burgers, plus a flavorful grilled chicken breast caprese sandwich.

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