Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chicago: Day 1: Getting There

In December 2009, my mother and I went to Chicago. Here is Day 1 of the trip report. 


Pleasant train ride. I got on the train in Jefferson City; Carol got on at Washington, MO. A few hours' layover in St. Louis, then on to Chicago. 

I'd bought two sandwiches at Hy-Vee this morning + pretzel sticks + celery/peanut butter + diet soda for us to enjoy for lunch and dinner on the train. I also made a thermos of coffee. This worked out well. Carol drank a beer on the train.

We arrived in Chicago a bit early; about 8:20 p.m.

After a quick trip to restroom at Union Station in Chicago, we grabbed a cab and for $6.75 made it to the hotel. We're at the Hampton Inn and Suites on W. Illinois in River North. Great room: bedroom with king bed and large flat screen TV + kitchenette (full size fridge, 2-burner stove, microwave, dishwasher, sink, and breakfast bar) + living room with very large flat screen TV. Nice couch + chair/ottoman + coffee table + work desk. Free wireless.

Grocery store just a block away, which we've already checked out. Got soda stash.

Carol reading a book in bed.

Tomorrow's itinerary:

Adler Planetarium
The Art Institute of Chicago
Hancock Observatory

There's a little twist re: the Hancock Building that Carol doesn't know about yet ...


So how's the weather up there?  Sounds like it's going from bad to worse.  You know it's cold when the car creaks.

Creaking car.  Right.  Oh and by the way, the door was frozen shut on my truck this morning.  Gotta clean out the garage.

Younger Daughter told me it was her goal to clear a space in the garage for the 4runner over Christmas. I spared her the genetics lesson. She'll learn soon enough.

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