Friday, January 7, 2011

Slow Travel

According to Slow Movement, "slow travel" is "the opportunity to become part of local life and to connect to a place and its people. Slow travel is also about connection to culture."

In the April 2010 Wall Street Journal Magazine article, Easy Rider, author Nancy Keates examines the term from several perspectives. "You settle in. You have to go to the grocery store. You get to know the people who run the cafe ... " says one interviewee.

Here is a slow traveler: 

Phil in the ______.  Don't start reading Phil's blog if you have an appointment to keep. You're sure to miss it, as you'll be completely sucked into such stories as:

Before I leave Phil, below is a music video from Phil's "Sonic Tour of Mali;" they're also on Youtube:


Geoff Reed said...

This video is absolutely mesmerizing!

Mzuri said...

Thanks for reminding me - lovely song. Good to listen to it again.

Geoff Reed said...

Had a little time to visit a few of your recommended links. Wow! That guy must be from another planet. An introvert he isn't. The way he told the part about having the wife of his newly found enemy putting her foot inside his trousers had me in stitches. I also enjoyed his methods for handling hassler and hawkers.