Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ethiopia: Getting There

Adam and Matthew dropped me off at the airport - thank you!

Dunkin Donuts coffee at the St. Louis airport - ick.

Fast flight to Chicago - about 1/2 hour late due to weather (rec'd 12 inches snow overnight).

Got off plane in Chicago, went to bathroom, caught shuttle to Concourse C, and walked onto plane to Frankfurt - incredible timing. Thank goodness I don't smoke anymore - no more need to find a few minutes and a place to smoke a cigarette.

Had selected seat 43G on the Frankfurt flight, but was moved to 39C - I think 43 row for attendants.

Attendant gifted me a free bottle of wine because my seat moved. Actually, though, it was great seating - only two of us in row of 5 seats; the other person and I each had an aisle seat. Curiously, though, she was rather put out because she was "promised" to have the entire row so she could completely stretch out. Go figure.

Dinner on plane really forgettable. Nuts delicious.

Enjoyed a coffee with Bailey's.

I had an opportunity to use my flashlight on the flight when the woman at the other end of my row lost her pearl earring - she was able to really give her area a going-over with the flashlight. The woman found it on the route to the bathroom.

Coffee in Frankfurt - 2.70 euros +50-cent tip in U.S.

Flight between Chicago and Frankfurt went by pretty quickly. Was able to sleep for a few hours, so feel fairly sprightly for this final leg to Addis Ababa.

Flight from Frankfurt to Addis Ababa so unremarkable, I wrote down no notes.

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