Thursday, January 6, 2011

The New Hobos

Or, one sub-species of same.

Nora Dunn, The Professional Hobo
Meet The Professional Hobo: Adventures of a Girl With No Fixed Address. She is also a financial planner. Currently telling the story of her trans-Australia train trip.

Derek Earl Baron, Wandering Earl
Wandering Earl has a refreshing view of things. In a post called Has Travel Make Me Dumber, he writes:

Another truth about long-term travel is that the life-changing intensity of new experiences can easily wear off ... Sure, the first time you see an Indian holy man walk up to a urinating cow, cup his hands together, place his hands directly into the stream of urine and then drink it, your brain is forced to re-evaluate everything that it once thought normal and acceptable in life.

But the second time you see it, you just shrug your shoulders and finish your chai.

 I like his take on being an explorer. An excerpt:
During my six week visit to Pakistan in 2004, I found myself being ‘attacked’ by throngs of people everywhere I went. Yet these people did not wish to cause me any bodily harm. They simply wanted to shake my hand and tell me, and in some cases beg me, to inform all of my family and friends around the world that the Pakistani people are not terrorists, that they want peace and happiness just like everyone else. In every region of that country I came across the exact same situations.

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