Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Unloading More Stuff

As my departure date looms, I continue to unload more stuff:

  • More clothes
  • A lighter
  • AAA batteries (I'm a AA girl!)
  • Framed mirror

There are a few items I'll take on my two-month trip and not bring back. A t-shirt or two. A pair of tennis shoes. Some jewelry, perhaps. 

I've taken two partially-used rolls of duct tape and re-fashioned them into travel-light forms, but I have an unopened roll of duct tape that I am curiously loathe to give away. What was I doing with three rolls of duct tape to begin with?  

I also retain a roll of masking tape. I like masking tape. I'll probably slip that into the drawer of an unsuspecting friend or relative some day. But for now, I may need it.

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