Sunday, December 29, 2019

Relocation: The Condiment Rite

Jars, Tsalaskuri, Caucasus Georgia. September 2011.

I know that I am looking toward my next relocation when condiments come to my mind.

About condiments in my refrigerator that I must consume before moving.

Ready for canning. Missouri. October 2010.

The quiet satisfaction of emptying a jar that I will not restock until I arrive at my future destination, wherever that may be.

Last night I consumed the last of my Miracle Whip Light. I use it seldom enough that I won't miss it in the next four months before I depart Tucson. But if I do miss it, I can venture onto the slippery slope of collecting mayonnaise (or mustard or hot sauce) packets from the deli counter of a local grocery store, running the risk of becoming one of the legions who cache clutches of packets in their drawers, refrigerator doors, on shelves and counters, glove compartments, purses ... because.

Jelly jar, El Paso, Texas. December 2016.

Next up: Pickle relish.    

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