Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rootless Relocation: Consuming the Remains

Like many people, I enjoy making lists of things to do and crossing off the items as I do them.

In the context of moving, a subset of list-making pleasure is to consume the remains of commodities on hand before packing up and leaving. Doing this feels good on two levels:
  1. Represents micro-closing rituals on life here; and
  2. Keeps me portable.

So with about four weeks left in New Mexico, I'm consuming the remains of: 
  • Oatmeal  (7 September)
  • Tea bags   (4 September)
  • Coffee (packed and brought with me)
  • Olive oil (gave away)
  • Spices (packed and brought with me)
  • Canned goods (packed and brought with me)
  • Bottle of body wash (27 September)
  • Bird seed (to be more clear, the birds are consuming it) (19 September)
  • Paper towels (packed and brought with me)
  • Toilet paper (timing is important on this one)(22 September)(good thing there are paper towels)
  • Scented epsom salts (packed and brought with me)
  • Pickle relish (13 September)
  • Salad dressing (packed unopened one and brought with me)
  • Rice vinegar (gave away)

What should I do with the two containers in the freezer that hold chicken carcasses and the drippings of same? Will I make chicken soup before I go? Haven't figured this out yet. Update: Tossed.

I had some flour and sugar in the freezer. A half bag of white beans. Gave them away a few days ago.

I've got two pairs of trousers that are about ready for disposal. I'll wear 'em and toss 'em during my emigration from New Mexico. Update October 2: Tossed as planned. Ditto for a blouse.

I'll discard a well-used-up kitchen sponge before I go. Done.

This process is so very satisfying.

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