Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Spell of New Mexico, Chapter 7: Winfield Townley Scott

Spring, Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Winfield Townley Scott was a poet. In his essay for The Spell of New Mexico, he considered each month and season of this state, as I have been doing.

Autumn, Near Percha Dam State Park, New Mexico

He asks:

... what is there about this land which sets travelers to altering their schedules and overstaying? What is there, more forcefully still, that has seized upon astonishing numbers of people who came to look, and then put down their luggage and remained?

Summer, Ocotillo and hummingbird, Leasburg Dam State Park, New Mexico

... and notes:

The breadth and height of the land, its huge self and its huge sky, strike you like a blow. There are those who at once dislike it .... there are more who at first can do nothing but stand and stare.

Spring, Angel Peak, New Mexico

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