Friday, August 16, 2013

New Mexico Lit: Pie Town

Credit: Amazon

What was the name of that family show where the dad was a minister and he and his wife had a bunch of kids? Right, right, right - 7th Heaven.

So Pie Town is kind of like that show - people with life problems that get worked out in a heartwarming way - with the help of a Tiny Tim-like character who has a spirit guide in the form of his deceased great-grandmother. And where the real New Mexican village of Pie Town is a bit of a stunt location for the book. 

I skipped through part of the book to get to the wrap-up, but even so, I missed the priest's secret. Tried to find it, and discovered I wasn't engaged enough to persevere.

If I were to liken the book to a pie, then I'd characterize it as the meringue atop a pie - airy, sweet, and fluffy.

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