Wednesday, May 10, 2017

El Paso: UTEP: A Couple of Days in May

UTEP, El Paso, Texas. May 2017.

May 2017

I look at these photos from a couple of days in May, and a slow, deep exhale of appreciation escapes me. 

UTEP, El Paso, Texas. May 2017.


UTEP, El Paso, Texas. May 2017.

I am reminded of a story. Years ago, I tackled the lack of sidewalks in the community where I lived at the time. I said sheepishly to my friend, "I know it's not a super important issue, but ...."

My friend stopped me right there and told me that even the simplest things can have a major impact on others. She gave me the example of Ladybird Johnson and the bluebells. Since then, I have witnessed other testimonies to the power of small and beautiful.

So it is with UTEP's thoughtful, intentional investment in the beauty of its campus. When we walk in the midst of such beauty, it soothes, smooths, and refreshes our spirits.

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