Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Is It Worth Going to ...."?

A most excellent day in Gardabani, near Rustavi, Caucasus Georgia. March 2012. Photo courtesy of Eva K, who was part of that remarkable day.

On travel forums, I cringe when people ask if a place is "worth" going to.

Vakhtangisi, how many km to Rustavi, Caucasus Georgia. March 2012.

And on the other side of such a question is the response from self-appointed experts who rush to reply that, no, a place is not worth going to.

Music venue in the Lupus Garage, Lupus, Missouri. October 2013.

Or worse, when they offer such advice, unsolicited, to an individual expressing interest in a particular destination.

Antelope Wells, New Mexico. March 2013.

For example, touring the historic Route 66 (the Mother Road) in the U.S. is a popular draw for foreign tourists. But invariably, when these folks announce their Route 66 itinerary plans on a popular travel forum, a passel of Americans jump up to gleefully proclaim it's not "worth" doing the Mother Road because "there's nothing there." Which is false, of course.

Obviously, if you seek something very specific, it makes sense to know if the size and caliber of your specific something exists in a potential destination.

Columbus, New Mexico. April 2013.

But if you are:
  • Looking for generally good travel experiences;
  • Open to adventure;
  • Observant; and 
  • Flexible ....

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