Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Colorado: My Home for a Month

Spring flower in Roger's Grove, Longmont, Colorado. May 2016.

Longmont, Colorado, was my home for May. I stayed at my sister's place and continued to work remotely.

A preview.


Often, themes present themselves on a journey.

On one road trip from Missouri to Destin, Florida, with the same sister who's now in Colorado, it was all about cracklin's.

On the road trip to Alaska with my daughter, it was about buttes and The Biggest XYZ in the World.

On the road trip in Western Europe with my brother, it was about getting our passports stamped.

In Colorado, I'd say the theme was: Sculpture. Man-made sculpture and natural sculpture, as you will see in coming posts.

Quality of life

Almost immediately upon my arrival in Longmont, I was gobsmacked with the quality-of-life amenities that Longmont and other Colorado communities offer residents. Ah, I thought, this is where tax dollars go when citizens value the importance of well-being for all.

I'm talking parks, green spaces, pedestrian pathways, public transportation, wonderful senior centers, libraries, museums, cultural events. Those things that gladden hearts, both figuratively and literally.

Frankly, I just get mad that so many other communities in the United States choose not to invest their tax dollars in such things when they could. Instead, they spend finite tax dollars to militarize their police forces or perhaps build convention centers that benefit only a very few for a very short time.

I'm thinking of my mother in the Missouri town where she lives - there's Bingo and bridge at her local senior center. Services available to seniors in Longmont - wow.

On a superficial level, Colorado is the picture of exuberant, red-cheeked health, regardless of its citizens' ages.

But Colorado has one of the highest suicide rates in the country. (Missouri and Tennessee are tied for the 20th highest suicide rate; Kansas is the 19th highest.)


One on every corner, I think.

In fact, Colorado has 7.3 craft breweries per person, the 3rd highest in the country. Oregon is 2nd highest. Vermont is 1st.  

Legal marijuana

Right. I checked it out, too. More later, dude.

Technology upgrades

While in Colorado, I made big changes to my technology. Bought a new laptop and bought a new camera. My finances took a hit in May.

Coffee travails

My sister doesn't drink coffee. The only implement she owns to make coffee is a small-small French press. It was just too small to support my habit efficiently. More adventures on this later.

Carcass collection

Colorado offered up additions to the carcass collection.

Cost of living

It is expensive to live along the Denver-Boulder corridor. To be more precise, perhaps, I should say housing is expensive along the Denver-Boulder corridor. If I compare Denver with Lafayette, Louisiana, the housing cost is 49% higher in Denver.

Is it possible that other variables, such as reasonable costs of gas, groceries, health insurance, etc. + the multiple quality-of-life benefits = overall comparability? I don't know.

(Note: Pueblo, Colorado, has a comparable cost of living with Lafayette. I've been hearing positive things about Pueblo in the past year.)

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