Friday, September 25, 2015

South Louisiana Musicians: Mary Tweedel

Mary Tweedel at Vermilionville, Lafayette, Louisiana. June 2015.

Mary Tweedel has been playing her accordion in the public eye for a long time. Since she was five, in fact. When she was only 10, she was a "Young Ace of Cajun Music," performing on stage with other talented young'ns, a protégé of Helen Boudreaux.

A sidebar on Helen Boudreaux. She is a Cajun singer and songwriter, a former over-the-road truck driver, a traiteuse, and the mother of eight kids. 

Now 25, Mary Tweedel fronts her own band, Mary Tweedel and the Louisiana Cajun Mixers. I saw her at Vermilionville back in June.

Give a listen to Mary at a 2014 gig in Baton Rouge below:

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