Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Gathering of Nations, Part 3

Gathering of Nations, Albuquerque, New Mexico. May 2013.

Here it is August 2015, and I found this draft from back in 2013. Do you think anyone will notice my tardiness?

Not sure how I intended to tie things up with Part 3, but below are the links to Parts 1 and 2:

Gathering of Nations, Part 1. Includes links to my posts on the Red Paint Powwow in Silver City. Also includes notice of troubling remarks related to women by one of the Gathering of Nations emcees. I heard a similar discordant note at the recent Coushatta Powwow last month in Louisiana.

Gathering of Nations, Part 2: A Whole 'Nother Genre of Music. I wrote about the revelation of "round dance songs." Wow. This is where I first heard the captivating voice of Fawn Wood.  

I know that I did intend to educate myself on some of the current activist and cultural streams as a result of puzzling statements I heard by emcees or performers. The statements alluded to tensions in the powwow world and also in the greater Native communities societally. That research never happened.

A good article on powwows, though:

Powwow 101, from Native Peoples Magazine, 2004

A slide show from my Gathering of Nations visit:

In fact, I have a number of New Mexico post drafts yet to be published. I've even got a post from Caucasus Georgia still to put out there. Because readers dip in and out of blogs irrespective of chronology, well, that just works out fine.

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