Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Moving On Means Brain-File Deletes

Now that I've left Georgia, a lot of subfolders in my brain's Georgia file will become obsolete.

I no longer need to know:
  • About the precise spots at Station Square, Didube, or the Polytechnic University to get a marshrutka to Rustavi, and til how late at night; 
  • Where the good toilets are at Didube station; 
  • How to turn on Nely's storage tank water when the city water is cut off for the day; 
  • What the appropriate price is for a taxi between Point A and Point B in Tbilisi;
  • Which underground shopping mall has a particular item I seek; 
  • Which market in Rustavi has the coldest Pepsi Maxx; 
  • The exchange rate between USD and GEL;
  • How to load minutes onto my Georgian phone; or
  • The shortcuts to get to various sites in Rustavi or Tbilisi. 

Delete, delete, delete.

Making room in my brain for Istanbul data.

1 comment:

Jen2010 said...

You just have to learn all this stuff for the next place .....!!