Sunday, June 24, 2012

Georgia: Marina's Guesthouse

Marina's Guesthouse. Fruit festival on the balcony.

I wouldn't normally center a post about a place of lodging, but Marina's in Tbilisi is an exception.

When Kate and Pam came to visit, I'd booked them temporarily into a hostel with the plan to find a place for Kate (who'd stay on for three weeks after Pam left) that was in a neighborhood and had the right vibe ... and, oh yeah, was affordable.

Marina's Guesthouse. Courtyard entrance.
Kate and I checked out a few places, none of which did the trick, but when I revisited, I saw a new listing - Marina's. The moment we walked into Marina's courtyard, I knew it was the one. Marina's son, David, had only just got her onto airbnb.

David lives in Olathe, Kansas, which is exactly where one of Kate's daughters lives with her family. An immediate bond.

Marina's dolls.
Marina has a wry sense of humor, often self-deprecating. (She likes to say she is the lone peasant among all of the aristocrats in Georgia.) A former costume designer, Marina now creates dolls, some of which are in Tbilisi's Doll Museum. Marina's husband, Nodar, a retired geologist with a charming smile, spends much of his time in Marneuli tending a vineyard and garden. He makes good wine and chacha.

Marina's guesthouse is in the Marjanishvili neighorhood.

During a recent stay, it was chilly and very windy. It was quite satisfactory to lie on the bed and look at the curtain blow into the room.

On the balcony, looking up at Mtatsminda, all you want to do is drink some coffee or tea, read a good book, and, if you feel energetic enough, chat with Marina or other guests. It is an oasis.

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Anonymous said...

This place looks amazing. Do you have contact info? I can't find a listing on Airbnb.

Thanks, Susan