Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Georgian Jokes: A Georgian, An American, and ...

The rabbit

The Georgian, American, and Russian militaries got together for a contest to see who could retrieve a rabbit from the forest faster than the others.

The Americans brought in consultants, psychologists, and military advisors, then went into the forest. They talked to the rabbit for two hours and persuaded him to come out.

The Russians brought in helicopters and planes and bombed the forest. An hour later, they carried out a dead rabbit.

The Georgians went into the forest, whereupon everyone heard terrible sounds of pommeling and beating. Ten minutes later, they came out of the forest with a bear, who promptly signed papers confessing he was a rabbit.

Who do you love?

An American man, a French man, and a Georgian man all had wives and mistresses.

When asked who he loved, the American said, "I love my wife."

When asked who he loved, the French man said, "I love my mistress."

When asked who he loved, the Georgian man said, "I love my mother."

Note: I told this joke to my hostess, Nely, who didn't think it was at all funny. After all, Georgian sons should love their mothers best. 

Anything You Wish

A genie escaped from a bottle and he decided he wanted to have sex with three beautiful women: An American, a French woman, and a Georgian woman.

After being with each woman, he granted them one wish.

The American woman said, "I want a mansion on a hill." 

The French woman said, "I want a Porsche."

The Georgian woman said, "Don't let anyone know we had sex."



Jen2010 said...

Funny! Especially about the mother!

Hans said...

nice jokes, thank you, so true