Saturday, April 21, 2012

Georgian Jokes: Mikho and Maro

Mikho and Maro are an imaginary married couple from Georgia's Kakheti region.  Every Georgian "knows" Mikho and Maro. Mikho and Maro jokes are part of the Georgian culture. They are often ribald.

After the wedding night

The morning after their wedding night, Maro awakened slowly. She rubbed the sleep out of eyes, looked out the window, and said: "Vy may, even your yard is too small!"
How do I look?

Maro stood in front of the mirror, looking at herself. She asked Mikho, "How do I look?"
Mikho said, "Don't worry, my love, it'll be dark soon."


After a night of drinking, Mikho stood in front of the mirror. He looked and looked and looked deeply into the mirror.

Maro walked by and said, "Mikho! What are you doing?"

He shouted with relief, "Mikho! That's what it is!"

Mikho's Mother-in-Law

Mikho's mother-in-law says to Mickho: "You are such a bad person. Why does my daughter love you"?

Mikho replies, "May I take off my trousers"? 

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Jen2010 said...

Do you know any Shida Kartli jokes!?

Mzuri said...

No, unfortunately. Good people to ask are co-teachers and host families.