Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Black Sea, Part 5: The Train to Tbilisi

Batumi-Tbilisi train car.

It was a full moon.

Sandy and I had splurged on a two-bed train cabin. We'd bought late-night dinner fixin's.

We each put our pillows at the end of our beds by the door, stretched out, and we could see the big ol' full moon roll with us on the train. It was nice.

I loved the sound and the feel of the train. I put my pajamas on, made my "bed," popped some music into my ears and was good. Sandy didn't fare quite as well in the sleeping comfort department, but did enjoy the view of the moon.

 Batumi-Tbilisi train cabin

As far as the rest of our train experience goes, there were some issues:
  • Jeez, no air in the cabin - it was really stuffy at intervals and too warm. We opened the door occasionally to get in some air. 
  • The toilet was not in very good shape. Also, there were no instructions on how to use the faucet - you had to push up on a nozzle at the tip of the faucet for water to come out. Doh. 
  • The debarking side of the Tbilisi train station was in post-World War II reconstruction-era-before-the-reconstruction-began kind of shape. And we passengers had to climb down into and then up out of a dark, dank, rather treacherous tunnel. 

Overall, it was not a 40-lari per person experience.

But that assessment doesn't take one bit away from the pleasure of traveling with that full moon while reclining full length to the rocking of the train.

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