Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Black Sea, Part 3: Road to Batumi

Batumi, Georgia

Sandy and I climbed aboard the marshrutka in Kobuleti for the final leg of our little Black Sea resort tour.

I took this video en route. Mind the cows.

As is our tradition, we overshot the train station (where we wanted to buy our overnight return tickets before exploring the city), so had to backtrack. Unfortunately, there are no storage lockers for baggage at the train station, so we had to lug our packs all around town.

We chose to buy first class tickets, meaning we went for a two-person sleeper at 40 lari each (~ $24) instead of a four-person sleeper at 23 lari each (~ $14). Ouch, that hurt.

Ok, so that settled, off we went to poke around Batumi! It was a little after noon and we had til 10:00 p.m. to check it out.

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