Friday, April 13, 2012

The Black Sea, Part 2: Kobuleti

Kobuleti sunset. Georgia. 

Easy, pleasant marshrutka ride from Ureki to Kobuleti. As we entered Kobuleti, I admired the wooded ribbon that separated the main road from the beach. Shade. I like it.

Kobuleti, Georgia.

As is often the case, we got off the marshrutka past the point where we should have. We got off in the town center, which is not by the beach. So while we considered our next steps, as in "We're in Kobuleti, now what," we each had an ice cream bar. Georgians love ice cream and they've got good stuff.

We tried to find a bench on which to sit while we ate our ice cream while looking at the snow-topped mountains, but we were unsuccessful, so we settled for the concrete lip of a storefront. Eventually, we got up, crossed the street, flagged down a marshrutka, and got off at the beachy side of town.

Kobuleti, Georgia. View from hotel.
Walked over by the water, took a look at a hotel room, took a pass at the price, walked to the next hotel, looked at the room, and sealed the deal at 50 lari for a two-room suite with a very large balcony overlooking the Black Sea.

Kobuleti, Georgia. View from hotel.

It was relaxing to sit on the balcony and contemplate ... nothing. No visual clutter to stop the eye. Just the blank slate of the sea.

Kobuleti, Georgia. View from hotel.

We went for a walk around town. Picked up some dinner-picnic items to eat on the balcony.

Saw a spectacular sunset. A swollen red sun.

Kobuleti, Georgia. Sunset.

An uneventful sleep. Got up the next morning, had dinner leftovers and coffee and tea out on the balcony. More enjoyment of nothingness.

Presently, we gathered our things, went out to the main street, and a road construction worker helped us get a marshrutka to Batumi. At the local price.

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