Friday, November 20, 2020

Birmingham, AL: Stinkbug


Stinkbug in the house. November 2020.
Stinkbug in the house. November 2020.



I first saw him on my living room blinds. Not doing anything, just sitting there. I left him be.

 Then I saw him up top a living room wall, up close to the ceiling. Not doing anything, just hanging out. I left him be. 

Then I saw him, turtle-like, creeping alongside my PC, by the power cable. I flicked him off the table with my thumb and index finger. Thought I'd sweep him out the front door. I'm a no-kill household as long as invaders are polite and don't startle me. 

But I couldn't discover where he landed, so I left it be. 

Later, I observed him over on a baseboard ledge. 

Haven't seen him since.

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