Sunday, November 13, 2016

Louisiana: New Iberia: Pretty Pretty

New Iberia, Louisiana. July 2014.

My second year in Louisiana (in Opelousas), I think I may have visited New Iberia once. My first year (in Lafayette), I went several times. This included visits with my mother, who had turned me on to New Iberia's most famous fictional resident, Dave Robicheaux. It included several visits with a buddy who was also a Dave fan.

I collected a number of New Iberia photos that I haven't shared previously, so I share them today.

New Iberia is such a pretty town. I had even considered making it my home for my second year in Louisiana instead of Opelousas.

Here are past posts that reference New Iberia in some way.

Despite the town's loveliness, and the complicated seduction of its Dave Robicheaux connection,  my first thought when I think of New Iberia is one of emotional turmoil. This arises from a deep, deep ugliness within a system there, which erupted most publicly when Victor White died in police custody, and when a jail video got out, showing appalling abuse of a prisoner.

So it is with great appreciation for New Iberia's beauty, but tempered by the gravitas of its defects, that I share these photos today.

A slideshow of New Iberia below:

New Iberia
New Iberia, Louisiana.

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