Monday, July 11, 2016

Antigua, Guatemala: Traffic

Pizza cavalry, Antigua, Guatemala. April 2016.

There's a lot of traffic in Antigua.

Tuk-tuks, chicken buses, mini-buses, vans, cars, trucks, horse-and-carriages, bicycles, motorcycles. Add to that flocks of schoolkids in the mornings, over the noon hour, and in the late afternoon, tourists, local folks, and vendors coming in from the countryside, all negotiating the narrow, treacherous sidewalks on foot.

Street congestion in Antigua, Guatemala. April 2016.

A taste of one portion of 7th Avenue in the video below:

And another road here:

Chicken buses and tuk-tuks at the Santa Lucia Church square here:

The word on the street is that the current mayor intends to limit non-resident motor traffic within Antigua. Residents will get a permit; others will have to park their vehicles out of the city center. A February 2016 article on this idea is here.

Paris slashed vehicular traffic in 2015 on special days, opening up the broad ways to pedestrians. Impressive before and after videos in the article here.

How lovely this would be in Antigua.

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