Monday, April 4, 2016

Guatemala: Going To

Breakfast in Antigua at Rincón Típico. April 2016.

I wasn't going to Guatemala in April. I was going to Rwanda in June. But there you go.

My friend, Cari, one of my real-life heroines, is originally from Rwanda. She intends to travel to Rwanda this summer as a member of a group to mark the public opening of a woman's center in Kigali, organized by her sister, Dr. Bea Gallimore. Cari invited me to join the group, and I enthusiastically embarked on a path to do that.

Long story short, I just couldn't make the budget work. The clincher came when I thought to compare what it would cost for me to go to Rwanda at a real budget-bender and to go somewhere else. I looked at a few places. Then I thought: Antigua, Guatemala. Lake Atitlan. I had fallen in lust with this Lake Atitlan photo a few years back. And my brother Matt had visited both Antigua and Lake Atitlan a couple of times, highly recommending both. There ensued much keyboard tapping: flight fares searched, airbnb lodgings scanned, and Spanish tutoring probed. Decision made. A feeling of satisfaction at the rightness of it.

I'll still get to Rwanda, I'm sure. Some day.

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