Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Guatemala: The Almost Pack Fail

Canon SD600

I learned my lesson about camera backups in Ethiopia.

After that experience, I bought two used, vintage Canon Powershot SD600s to replace the exact model I lost in Ethiopia. Redundancy of peripherals and all that. Plus it was a good travel camera.

These days, I have three used cameras plus a pissant phone camera. The backup system has served me well in the four years since Ethiopia, although cracks have appeared, and a change in the future looms.

For my trip to Guatemala, I packed these cameras:

  1. Primary: One of the Canon Powershot SD600s
  2. Secondary: A used Canon Coolpix that daughter handed down to me last summer
  3. Tertiary: My Moto G phone camera, a last resort only, due to its miserable photo quality

I chose the Coolpix to bring instead of my backup Canon because I am down to only one Canon battery, the two that I'd had having finally died of old age. I only bought one replacement battery because the things are pretty expensive, and I am on the fence about when I'll buy a new camera, which will certainly use a different model of battery. With the Coolpix, I'd have a spare, charged battery on hand when the Canon's battery needed to be recharged in Guatemala.

The morning of my departure, I inserted the cameras' SD cards into my primary laptop so I could upload their contents, thereby giving me clean slates for the trip.

Oh, wait.

Do I have an SD slot in the little red toy laptop that I bought for the trip? Why .... no.

Jeez, OK. Where the heck was my camera-to-device cable that fits into one of Little Red's usb ports? Oh thank goodness! Found it! Worked just great for the Canon. Would it work for the Coolpix? No. Nooo. Who'd've thought? 

This almost-fail fell into two categories of travel mishappery: 
  • Complacency, or more accurately, just plain sloppiness of thought and preparation
  • Too smart for my own good

Close call.

I left the Coolpix at home and replaced it with the second Canon. 


J A said...

Given the steep learning curve and inevitable exasperation, not to mention time, money, waste, and (dis)interest necessary in picking, sync-ing and linking our way into the digital revolution, I'd say you're doing great! Including your photos. (You're in Guatemala now? Date: April on blog...October in email?) Take good care.

Mzuri said...

How life affirming your comment! I accept all of it and hold my head high again. :-) As to posting dates, etc. I'm terribly behind on my posting, so am dating them accordingly. I was in Guatemala for a month; have since had a few more adventures in other places, which await their telling time in the queue for publication.