Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Mexico Loose Ends: Mora, New Mexico

Mora, New Mexico

In August, 2013, passed through Mora, New Mexico, during a weekend whirl around some state parks.  

Mora, New Mexico

Whenever I see the word mora, I think of the delectable blackberry juice I drank in Quito, Ecuador, many years ago. Cold, dark, with seeds. Mmmm.

Mora, New Mexico

 Before I swung into Mora, I went around this block building, cracking like an egg:

Outside Mora, New Mexico

And before that, I checked into Coyote Creek State Park.

Coyote Creek State Park, New Mexico

I didn't find the park all that remarkable. Except for two things. It had the coolest - the coolest - campsite shelters I may have ever seen. I say that as a tent camper who likes shade and, obviously, shelter from rain.

Coyote Creek State Park, New Mexico

I think the shelters were constructed by a sort of CCC-model organization for teens.

The other notable feature about the park was the affability of the campground hosts who, it happened, were snowbird friends of a couple from .... get this ... Lafayette, Louisiana! I don't think I'll be compromising anyone's privacy by revealing their friends' surname is Broussard and that they dance.

Before Mora and before Coyote Creek State Park were these cabins on Highway 64:

Highway 64, New Mexico.

Getting back to Mora - it was the launching off point for the little jewel of a state park: Morphy Lake State Park.

Morphy Lake State Park, New Mexico

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